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The Imperial Promotes Active Ageing Through Art

An exhibition of paintings and ceramic works, curated by Norbert Ellul Vincenti, ran from the 10th to the 17th of November and half the proceeds from any sale of works went to Hospice Malta.

The Imperial Promotes Active Ageing Through Art

Active ageing does not only mean avoiding a sedentary lifestyle but ensuring that one’s retirement years are spent doing things that fulfil oneself.

In line with this philosophy, The Imperial, Home for the Elderly, in Sliema is currently hosting an exhibition of artworks by.

The exhibition of paintings and ceramic works, curated by Norbert Ellul Vincenti, runs from the 10th to the 17th of November and the artistic couple has pledged half the proceeds from any sale of works to Hospice Malta.

“We are delighted with this opportunity to host the artistic works of a talented couple whose connection with The Imperial goes back 66 years ago when the couple actually got married here,” says Dr Sarah Cassar, Managing Director of St.George’s Care Ltd..

“The Imperial chose to host this exhibition because we want to promote the importance of active ageing and that retirement years can be enjoyed when people keep pursuing their passions, and Margaret and Joseph Ellul Vincenti are a fine example of this philosophy,” she added

Both Margaret and Joseph have always harboured a strong affinity with art. In fact, Margaret has held a desire to paint since she was very young whereas Joe channelled his love of design and drawing through his architectural profession. Today, having discovered their talent in their later years, they now spend most of their time in each other’s company at The Imperial and in the company of their art materials.

“Through this exhibition, we want to share the huge satisfaction we get from doing what we do because we have always believed that it is never too late to follow one’s passion. We also hope to promote active ageing by encouraging the residents here at The Imperial to be more active by pursuing the things that give them most joy,” say Margaret and Joe whose past exhibitions have always been in aid of voluntary organisations.

Whereas both Joe and Margaret studied locally with various artists, Joe even had the opportunity to venture as far as Florence for a course in ceramics.

The exhibition is being accompanied by a colourful catalogue with an introduction by Norbert Ellul Vincenti where he writes: “These creations will reveal themselves for what they are – Margaret’s painstaking watercolours coming from a perfectionist hand, and Joe’s teasing of architectural forms and saved material in the ceramic tradition.”

After graduating as an architect, Joe obtained two scholarships abroad to specialise in engineering and upon his return, started his career, where he worked for the Curia, the law courts and designed factories and hotels. Margaret on the other hand, looked after their four children but remained involved in voluntary organisations. She also pioneered the over-60s day centres in various parishes some 40 years back.

“Both have had an active life and between their work and family, they hardly had any time for any hobbies. Therefore, we are delighted to host them here at The Imperial where through their exhibition, they are both helping us share our message in favour of active ageing through an active lifestyle,” concluded Dr Sarah Cassar.