Dementia Care

Dementia refers to a group of symptoms that have to do with how the brain functions. There are many different types of dementia. People with dementia very often have problems with their short- or long-term memory. They may find it difficult to remember names and events or experiences they’ve had, recalling facts and concepts about their world, remembering how to do normal tasks, or thinking ahead of what needs to happen in the future. People living with dementia may also have trouble recognising objects, performing everyday activities, or understanding and using language.

The Imperial offers Dementia Care on level -1 of the Home. Our approach to dementia care is to allow residents to remain as independent as possible. We encourage residents to participate in their Activities of Daily Living and normal day to day tasks to provide cognitive stimulation. Activities are a key focus for our residents living with dementia.

The bedrooms in this part of our Home are shared to encourage companionship and social interaction between residents. We take extra care to ensure that our staff are equipped to care for people living with dementia and that they understand their very specific Dementia Care needs and how to deal with the challenges our residents may experience.

The dementia floor and grounds are access controlled to ensure our residents can live freely in a safe environment.