The Imperial is not just a Care Home, it is a Home that cares. Our sister Home, Casa Antonia, has been providing excellent care for many years and we will likewise continue that ethos and support and advise you to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Getting the Care you Deserve

At The Imperial, we offer the following full spectrum of care and service options to suit your particular needs:

  • Long-term stay: when you make The Imperial your permanent home
  • Short-term stay: when your booking with us is for a limited time such as a holiday or to provide respite cover for your family or carer
  • Convalescence care: when you stay with us following a spell of illness or time in hospital and need some rest and support to recover.

Whether you are completely independent or require round the clock care, we will tailor your stay with us to your specific needs. Our experienced care and nursing team will help to identify the accommodation options, care and services packages to best suit your requirement.

Residential Care

Our Residential Care option is ideal for residents who need some assistance with daily activities but don’t require intensive nursing or rehabilitation care. This includes all daily care activities, preparing all meals, cleaning and housekeeping, doing the laundry, upkeep and maintenance as well as a wide variety of social activities.  

Our Residential Care option aims to allow residents to remain as independent as possible by providing the services and support that will make your day easier and allow you to focus on what you enjoy doing most.

At The Imperial, we offer help and support with the full range of Activities of Daily Living. These may include support with activities such as washing, bathing, dressing, going to the bathroom, dining, moving around the Home and taking medication. 

Different care packages are on offer and will be determined by a care needs assessment completed by our Nursing team.

Nursing Input

At The Imperial, Nursing Care is provided for those residents who require regular or ongoing medical attention and round the clock nursing care, supervision or support.

Our qualified team provide nursing services for residents who require Nursing Care on a permanent basis or for a short period only. Nursing Care may be required following illness or when someone is recovering from a fall or injury and this may include pain management. Residents may also need nursing support following discharge from hospital.

Our nursing team will work with other healthcare professionals to assess and identify the specific nursing care you may require and ensure that this is included in your daily care plan, delivered, recorded, monitored and reviewed regularly.

Dementia Care

Dementia refers to a group of symptoms that have to do with how the brain functions. There are many different types of dementia. People with dementia very often have problems with their short- or long-term memory. They may find it difficult to remember names and events or experiences they’ve had, recalling facts and concepts about their world, remembering how to do normal tasks, or thinking ahead of what needs to happen in the future. People living with dementia may also have trouble recognising objects, performing everyday activities, or understanding and using language.

The Imperial offers Dementia Care on level -1 of the Home. Our approach to dementia care is to allow residents to remain as independent as possible. We encourage residents to participate in their Activities of Daily Living and normal day to day tasks to provide cognitive stimulation. Activities are a key focus for our residents living with dementia.

The bedrooms in this part of our Home are shared to encourage companionship and social interaction between residents. We take extra care to ensure that our staff are equipped to care for people living with dementia and that they understand their very specific Dementia Care needs and how to deal with the challenges our residents may experience.

The dementia floor and grounds are access controlled to ensure our residents can live freely in a safe environment.

Palliative Care

The Imperial provides Palliative Care for those residents who require end of life care and treatment. Our carers and nurses consider all the physical and emotional symptoms that may occur during the last stages of life, and this can be a very emotional time for everyone involved.

Palliative Care includes managing and administering medication, pain relief, physical therapy, nutrition management, counselling, working closely with the GP, coordinating with the hospice, mental health providers, and any other service that might become necessary.

We understand how difficult this stage in someone’s life can be and the impact on relatives and loved ones. Our Palliative Care also includes support groups, planning resources for family members, and other emotional support to help during this difficult time.

At The Imperial, our Palliative Care services are provided with the care, compassion and professionalism that both the resident and their family need during this time.

It is important for us that dignity and respect is maintained throughout.

Respite Care

Our Respite Care option is ideal for residents who require care at The Imperial on a temporary basis. This may be required when your regular carer is unavailable or needs additional support. You may also need Respite Care when your loved one is recovering from surgery, an illness or an accident, or if you simply need a break to refresh and recharge.

The luxurious facilities and excellent services offered at The Imperial makes it an ideal location for a breakaway. You may simply need a change of scenery, after all – a change is as good as a holiday.

A short stay at The Imperial is also a very good opportunity to see if this is something you would want to consider on a more permanent basis, when the time comes. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and participate in the different social events.